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22 September 2014


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Thank you Kimberly, your timing was divine! I suppose 'haste makes waste' fits in there somewhere. The impatience we all experience while slogging through change or healing can sabotage our lives in so many ways. Fear can get us by our inner human clock and make that minute on either side of perfect feel like an eternity. Isn't it so often our own fear induced intervention that disrupts the very healing we need so badly? My father had some great 'made up' words. One was 'mucksing'. When he would see me messing around with something not needing my hands, words or ideas he would say, "Quit mucksing with it" or "Quit your mucksing". At times I find myself not only 'mucksing' with my own healing, but doing the same with others. Sometimes the real truth is that when the teacher is ready, the student appears.


Mucksing!! I love that!!! Ahh, see that is yet another lesson I get to learn from a treasured teacher! Mushy love and more!

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