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Let Your Body Tell You What to Feed It: Understanding Your Personal Metabolism

Let’s talk about food. Food as medicine. Food as fuel. Food as comfort. I think you can have all three IF you indulge in what YOUR body prefers.

The problem is that experts differ on what a proper diet contains. Fruits? Low-carb? Complex carbs? No grains? Balanced portions? It gets confusing. And generally when people get overwhelmed, they throw caution to the wind and grab the easiest and tastiest thing they can find. 

What do you reach for when you’re really hungry and you’ve been driving all night and need to Food pic peek in sandwich
continue driving? Say you’re at a truck stop and you’re looking at the menu. What does your body crave to keep you going? A light salad and herbal tea? A greasy burger and cheesecake? Pancakes and fruit with a side of bacon?

Sometimes what you crave when you’re hungry can be a clue to how your body processes food. It is also one of the questions in a test that I just love and highly recommend because the results tell you what your metabolic type is and whether you perform better with a low-carb, high-carb or balanced carb diet.

The test changed my life. I always wondered why some people did so well on Atkins while others didn’t. And then there were those skinny b’s that could remain model slim on a bird diet while I could bloat to the size of a whale after eating a raw salad with a few fruits. The test can be found in the book, The Metabolic Typing Diet. It looks at five physiological processes within you. Some of us are parasympathetic dominant while others are sympathetic dominant. Some oxidize their food rapidly and others are slow. Like automobiles, we all need our own personal fuel mix and our engine can have difficulty if given super unleaded gas when we need regular or diesel gas.

You are special and you need solutions that work for you. Ultimately your body has the answers to what’s best over and above any expert. As I post information on this blog about natural remedies, please remember to filter it to your own body needs and take comfort in knowing that one size does not fit all. Honor your body and listen to what it tells you. And feed it what it needs—not what the latest superstar or bodybuilder claims is best— and then your food will be medicinal, energy producing and highly comforting.


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Hawi Moore

Very informative

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