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17 December 2008


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Daniel Martinez

Talking to a counselor is fine, but expensive. Especially when you have no income except for unemployment and having to decide whether or not you can afford COBRA insurance.

Here are three ;ow cost methods to enhance your career search, network, and stay in touch with former co-workers:

1. Some organizations will send former staff to company's like DBM (Drake, Beam, & Moen) or LHH (Lee, Hect, Harrison) for career counseling. They offer free office space to conduct your career search. It provides an opportunity for you to create a routine, a place to work away from home, and talk with others in the same situation. You can attend webinars, trainings, and meetings to enhance your skills. You can do the same at Texas Workforce Commision as well.

2. Ask your HR Director for permission to create an "Alumni" group on the internet or through "Linked In", using the company logo. There are many alumni groups out there. It allows for networking, staying in touch with former co-workers, and support. You can organize mixers to meet, socialize, and talk.

3. Create a group of former co-workers that attends career fairs & mixers to enhance your career search. Forming a group provides great support with people you have shared a common bond with.

Remember to stay in contact with former co-workers from the jobs you've had or reconnect with those from your professional past. Networking is the number one method of finding a job.

Hawi Moore

This is very motivating. Thanks



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