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06 September 2007


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David LaPlante

Great post Kimberly! I think I will have to use some of it in an upcoming presentation I am giving on nearly the same topic!

My experience with many of the community-based communications tools is establishing and/or getting over the "latency factor". What's the appropriate lagin-effect of communication where it's not direct (like a phone call or IM)?


Interestingly, how to effectively manage the "distance and connectedness" factor has been debated for centuries. In fact, many scholars believe this very dynamic explains the reason for working and/or failed relationships. In short, some people can better handle longer delays in a reply than others (and it does not mean that one person is better than another). That is why I believe the best course of action is to discuss your typical method of response beforehand, so no one is left feeling ignored. You create the 'personal communication contracts' with your network of people. I know you've done that effectively with me. :)
Thx for commenting! ~Kimberly

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